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We help you identify and execute the strategy you need to continue to grow. We use a guiding and transparent approach to create rhythm and kinship that drives your organization forward.

With a combined 30+ years of success in business, technology, and operations strategy, we look forward to helping you HoneIn on what matters.

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We help you translate your strategic plan into objectives that are driven by concrete actions. Then, we track your progress in our intuitive dashboards. You always know exactly how each action is performing.


We use the information from your existing tools and workflows to track your strategic execution. Our platform leverages standard integrations to easily load data, creating an objective view of what's working and what isn't.


You want your team to know how their work support the company. HoneIn is designed to be used by everyone in your company, and emphasizes how individual actions support organizational priorities.

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Discover Our Platform

Our proprietary software platforms makes tracking your progress easier than ever. Beautiful, concise dashboards make it clear what's working and what isn't. Robust data analysis finds trends, correlations, and emerging risks as soon as they appear. And custom alerts keep you in the loop.

Best of all, we're not another tool you need to add to your already-busy day. We use your existing tools to give you meaningful insight, and we're constantly getting smarter, so you always have the most relevant information at your fingertips.

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HoneIn on What Matters

Spot trends as they emerge

Stay on top of critical business information with ease.

Spotting changing trends, emerging risks, and new developments is essential for business success, but combing through your many data sources to find them is time- and resource-consuming. HoneIn is here to help.

We leverage 500+ standard data integrations to gather all of the critical information about your business, and our robust analysis looks for critical insights that move your strategic plan forward. Best of all, we'll send you alerts when we find anything, so you can focus on running your business.

Monitor the impact of your actions

Know that your actions are moving your strategy forward.

You've done the hard work of transforming your strategic plan into actions - great job! Now, you want to be sure that your actions are moving your objectives forward. HoneIn is here to help.

Our platform emphasizes the relationship between actions and objectives, clearly showing you if your actions are working or if you need to try something else. Even better, we'll help you identify which actions are closely correlated to your objective, so you know you're focused on the right thing.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Make sure every metric performs the way it should

Not every key metric is part of your strategic plan. But, you still need to know that they are performing the way you need them to. HoneIn is here to help.

Our platform lets you set custom threshholds for each metric, which are tied to performance alerts, so you know as soon as a threshold is crossed. And, you can flag the metrics that matter most, so they're always on your home page for quick reference.

Employee engagement at the deepest level

Don't ask your employees if they are engaged. Show them how their work matters.

Employees want to know see how their work matters, both in advancing their professional goals and their company's mission. Current engagement tools are sporadic and feedback-oriented. HoneIn takes the opposite approach.

Our platform is designed to be used by everyone in your organization, from the C-suite to each individual contributor. Individuals track their own actions and objectives, and see how they move their team, department, and organizational goals forward.

500+ Standard Integrations

Data Integrations

No manual entry here. Leverage our 500+ standard integrations with common tools, excel upload, and custom integration capabilities to automatically load your data into HoneIn.


Our Team

Brian Strom

Brian Strom

Brian has twenty-five years of experience, two successful technology startups, and multiple issued and pending patents under his belt. He co-founded RealLife HR in 1997 and served as the Head of Software Development. Throughout his five-year tenure, he was responsible for technology development, including the creation of one of the first benefits enrollment platforms. In 2002, he co-founded ConnectYourCare, a leading administrator of consumer-directed health savings account, and served as the Chief Technology Officer for 15 years. In both roles, he was dedicated to using a methodology of tangible, data-backed goals when managing his teams, which he credits to the success of the companies. In his spare time, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys.

Anne Stuckey

Anne Stuckey

Anne is passionate about helping companies maximize their potential, and excels at finding creative solutions for complex problems. She has years of experience working with clients from various industries to understand their unique needs, identify custom solutions, and successfully implement those changes. She also has extensive experience maintaining client relationships, as well as growing and managing internal teams. In her spare time, Anne enjoys cheering for UNC basketball and watching the Wire with her cat, Bubbles.

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