The state of strategic execution is dire.

95% of strategic goals fail to be implemented.

$122 million of every $1 billion spent on strategic execution is lost.

It's time to stop planning and start executing.


Say goodbye to tracking your goals in Word documents and PowerPoints; reviewing status updates with information that is weeks or months old; and employees who don't know understand your organizational priorities. HoneIn provides real-time updates to everyone in your organization, keeping you focused on the things that matter most.

Visual dashboards with real time information.

Access for everyone in your organization.

Proactive alerts and notifications.

Standard integrations with 50+ common data sources.

Intuitive KPI dashboard with the metrics that matter most.

Automatic insights and analysis of your information.

Constantly updated feed giving you the right info at the right time.

Excel upload and manual data entry.

About Us

We are passionate about helping you take your business to the next level. We know firsthand how hard it can be to remove yourself from the chaos of today to create a better tomorrow, and we are dedicated to making that easier. Our platform is designed to be a small part of your day, every day, that empowers you to be the best business you can be.

Brian Strom has 25 years of experience growing companies from idea inception to millions of dollars in revenue.

Anne Stuckey has 10 years of experience at multiple Fortune 500 companies, focused on strategic execution.


We're currently piloting our platform, and will be launching soon.

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